At Jayed Corp, we provide a platform
for magnifying your business and maximizing revenues.


At Jayed Corp, we provide a platform for magnifying your business and maximizing revenues. We do this by bringing together the expertise of our digital professionals each committed to remaining at the forefront of the digital space. Jayed Corp was founded with a team of strategic digital specialists in 2015 with the goal of providing simplistic, cost-effective and powerful digital services. Over the years, besides running our own business ventures, we have provided unparalleled solutions and support to numerous businesses.

What You Know About JAYED CORP?


Best known for its unique process methodology, Jayed Corp has combined its internet expertise, creative talent, and business know-how to help clients achieve rapid and measurable online business solutions. True to its motto, "Rediscover your business possibilities!" , at Jayed Corp we provide companies with a full range of services including digital marketing, lead generation and e-commerce solutions. Also, our team is always ready to bring up something new to boost your business.

Our Brands

Jayed Corp is home to BlazeTech, EverythingLeads & eComChef. Explore them all here.

Highly Creative Solutions

Social Media Marketing

The most effective digital marketing solution. Build and Engage with your customers through social channels.

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Highly Trained Assistants

More Time, Less Stress

Get Ridiculously Talented Livtual Assistants to deal with your endless "to do" list, while you spend your time doing what you love.

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Highly Creative Solutions

E-commerce Solution

Time has become the rarest commodity in this technology oriented era. Naturally, shopping has taken a back seat.

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