The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do

We moved into our office back in 2017. Having our own space to work with an enthusiastic team is always wonderful. This is our hub where we turn our ideas into reality and make solutions for everyone. You’re always welcome here for a cup of coffee.

We always read about entrepreneurs’ humble beginning. Just like LeBron’s prediction, “There is no humble beginning”, the struggling story of Jayed’s started in an 80 sqft dorm room, bitten by bedbugs. Now he's the country's most promising entrepreneur who is bringing significant changes in the digital sector. A small-town boy, Jayed was born in Bogra and moved to Dhaka to chase his dream. The dream was to build an empire and enlist it to the Fortune 500 company list, Jayed founded this corporation back in 2016 to create opportunities for employment and to bring remittance from foreign countries. Right now Jayed Corp. has different ventures in the US, UK, and Singapore. Jayed keeps his door open to discuss The Game of Thrones or the idea that just popped into your mind.

CEO - JayedCorp

Marketing Team

Our marketing team is the Dexter of our laboratory. We believe in the 80-20 principle. We think, discuss, create, design, and execute marketing strategies for our clients. Paid media or Google Ads, media buying/PPC, Social media advertising, you name it, we would do it.

The graphics designers are the Picasso of our den and the copywriters are the Cohelo. They take full responsibility for writing and making creatives that align with marketing campaigns and the strategic direction of the content marketing initiatives.

Creative Team

Trade Team

The sharpest eagles are watching every teeny tiny movement of the market 24/7 to come with the best signals. We call them the bullseye team because their analysis and signals never miss.

The most humble and generous persons on the earth who’ll take your call or response to your chat. They’ll answer your queries with great enthusiasm and guide you out step by step to onboard in any system.

Customer Support Team

Development Team

At Jayed Corp. your imagination can be turned into reality. Coding is not even a challenge to our Ironmans. They know how to become friends with the machines and how to rule them. Here is a suggestion. don’t dare to challenge them in any sports, they ain’t like regular IT nerds.

Our station has no door. We get immersed in conversation and jot down the ideas. We get involved in arguments and light the idea bulb together to solve complex problems. There is no cubicle or glass to block our stress from our mates. That’s the beauty of collaborative space.